Regional AHG Event Updates for June-July 2015

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Below are a list of other regional AHG activities for June-July 2015

Note: VA Troop 122 can choose to participate individually in these events and sometimes the troop will agree to participate as a group

1) Food Drive is this Saturday, June 6. Member help is extremely important. Most food pantries are nearly empty this time of the year. Help us fill them up. Contact Bonnie Bekisz if anyone in your troop can help out! Please contact her ASAP!!! Be sure to be in full uniform for this project. And troops need to supply permission slips.

2) Summer Camp Registration deadline has been extended to June 15. Make sure your troop sees this deadline and gets all the sign ups in by the deadline. We are super excited about Summer Camp and returning to Crossroads! Your girls will not want to miss out. Besides a terrific week at camp, your girls will make close bonds with other girls in the Area. Yes, I know there is another camp elsewhere in VA, but this is the NOVA Area Summer Camp. And NOVA girls will see each other at various events through out the year. This makes them very excited about those other events because of seeing friends from other troops. If you are outside the NOVA Area, you are welcome to attend out camp!!

Register with Camp CrossRoads ( – DO NOT use a device such as a phone or tablet) and arrange payment through their online system (you can do check or Credit Card). Before registering please read the attached FAQ. This will outline a few must know items among which are badge requirement opportunities (tracks), camp store accounts (you must arrange this online not deposits will be taken at camp) and other details. You do not need to use the CrossRoads medical form. You can use their packing list except there is NO Wacky Wednesday, instead we have other surprises in store for the girls.You must use Group code AHG2015. Once you have registered with camp you will need to fulfill the AHG form requirements.

3) July 4 AHG Choir at the National Archives in Washington, DC! This invitation has been offered by special request from the National Archives! Every year, the Archives holds a huge Independence Day Celebration commemorating the original signing of the Declaration of Independence! The event draws approximately 7000 spectators! They have specifically reached out and asked us to sing the first verse of America, the Beautiful at the conclusion of the ceremony on July 4 (at 11:30 a.m.). They would also like us to sing something prior to the 8:30 a.m. ceremony, as the crowd gathers. I was thinking God Bless America or something like that. We will be singing a capella, in 3 parts.

There will be rehearsals, probably 2 really good ones during June, and an on site run through mid afternoon on July 3. We will be performing in front of the Archives location in DC. I have already received many interest emails for girls participants. I’m still taking more! Please email me at with your girl’s name, troop number and vocal part (if you know it). We need more PiPas in particular to sign up! And an official AHG polo shirt will be absolutely necessary! Place your order with AHG, ASAP!!

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